Our Homemade Mac & Cheese is to die for... If you don't think it's the best in town, we'll buy you one of our Homemade Sausages. And with 14 varieties of rare game sausage, we bet you'll have a hard time eating  just one! 

‚ÄčHours of Operation:

Monday - Thursday 3:30 PM - 12:30 AM 

Friday - Sunday (Beer & Lunch Served at 12)

The Sterling is the new Craft Beer Destination of North Buffalo.  The Sterling has a long tradition of serving great Gastropub Fare with German Flare.  Voted Best Sausage Diversity by The Buffalo News,  The Sterling features over

14 different Rare Game sausage blends ranging from Duck with Foie Gras and Sauterne Wine to Smoked Buffalo with Burgundy Wine and Thyme.  Everything is grilled to perfection at The Sterling, including our Famous Burgers and Marinated Grilled Wings.  Come on in, grab a beer, and feel right at home in one of North Buffalo's Classic Pubs.

Our Craft Beer Selection ranges from local brews and to selected imports. With 16 drafts on tap, and a huge bottle selection from around the world you're bound to find something that will keep you coming back again and again.